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Hey again web surfer Pal,

During the free times, on the last 3 months I’ve been making something epic (by my standard that is ). It’s intended for the Ezine nº2 – Science Fiction arranged by the Desenhos, inks e rabiscos community, that will be released sometime soon.

So, I’ve tried to make an illustration of a time/space Sheriff, the person responsible to maintain the law and order in the continuum universal… humm… thing. Maximo is just one of those persons, he’s the man that prevents life to collapse by jumping trough space and time to capture bad guys. Using his special chronometer he can breach space and time and use that in his advantage to place himself in the hot spots.

I received heavy critics on the readability of my previous Illustrations, mainly on the lack of depth and exaggerated overhaul saturation and detail. On this one I’ve tried to address those issues… but doing it so I’ve just seem to have created new ones :)

Time and patience is the most efficient brush to paint something like this. Is no longer about if you can do it, it’s more how much time you can take until you quit on doing it.

Button line I liked the end result, surely has margin for improving, but I guess that is a good thing. I would like to thank my wife (Rute Perdiz) for all the critics, ideas and support and which without I probably wouldn’t had done it.

Until next time my friends!

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The Real Stuntman02

First image

Hey there

Stuntman02 returns and this time in Real lighting conditions (cycles renderer) and with p.o.v. sports camera attached

Stuntman02 the Virtual Stuntman.
Although he doesn’t feel pain all the stunts have at least a slight probability of survival.
Stuntman02 loves his job and faces every job with a smile… but can he have a dark side?

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Happy Birth Day Opel GT

Opel GT makes 6 years. Here’s my present to it:

An earlier version of Opel GT can be downloaded for free at Blend Swap.

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Illumina – BGE HQ Girl Free Model

I’ve made a HQ model of a girl, intended for the blender game engine and it’s now available on blendswap.

Her name is Illumina Pureheart and was made according the high standard specifications of the AAA game industry.

I’ve featured on her my 12 years of blender expertise and my 4 years of field work. Although you may consider she displays a somehow radical geometry in some areas, it were studied to give good results wile maintaining a low poly count.
It’s made of near 20000 triangles and 6 UV textures. Shading is fully controllable trough compositor nodes with individual balance and colour control for diverse channels such as diffuse and specular.

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Ezine – Fantasia

I’ve made two illustrations for an Online magazine titled “Ezine Fantasia (fantasy)”.

This was painted using just open source software such as Mypaint, Kryta, Gimp and Blender.

I’m always open to critics so if you feel a need to highlight the mistakes, please let it flow :)


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The Real Resilience Satelle | Characters concepts

The Real Resilience Satelle | Characters concepts

I’ve been re-designing the Resilience Satelle characters.
I hadn’t that very good drawing skills on the past, I still don’t, but they got better, so I decided to give it another shot.
What do you guys think? Better?

This was mostly done using Mypaint with a bit of help from Kryta.

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Space Shooter

Space Shooter

I felt some nostalgia of the old time arcade classics (the good games that is) so I gave a shot on designing my own space shooter. Mostly done using Kryta but also with some help of Mypaint and Gimp.

Critics are very welcome.

Best regards


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Here it is my most recent versions of LIN and MEG:

LIN_Final_PureI’ve been designing these two, in my mind and in paper, for more then 10 years… I think they are finally starting to look nice. I have studied Sony Asimo in detail for inspiration, so things like joints and balance look substantially better then the previous versions.

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Opel GT released under CC BY

kotakfilem review of Opel GT


Directly from the 4 years old WIP topic at, Opel GT is now available to download under a CC BY License



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Tulipa | Vida

“Tulipa” are a new band from Porto, Portugal.

I’ve been invited to give a try on making a video clip for their introduction song titled “Vida”, which means “Life”.

At the moment I was busy with freelance work, but by working on it one hour at the end of the day I eventually was able to deliver something that was mutual agreed to be OK to go… :) and yes fellow blender head, it was of course fully made with blender and rendered with GLSL viewport preview on texture mode (with compositing work afterwards).

My idea was to have text appearing on a school board that is being continuously erased.  When I was thinking about a concept for the video-clip I’ve remembered of my Orion Tear and as previously I though about how life sometimes seems to be nothing more them a continued process of creation and destruction of the same things, what is know as renewal.

Orion Tear was mostly badly miss understood, so I was a bit reluctant to bring the same principle back for this , but because my resources were and still are, at this moment, very very limited I decided to go for it. Hope you enjoy it! Best Regards,

-Rogério Perdiz-

Visit Os Tulipa at:

Facebook | Myspace

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