Resilience Satelle | still lives

Hello friends from the times of old!

Resilience Satelle | Mushroom Island (w.i.p.)

It as been a long time since I’ve last updated this blog. For that I apologize very much!

If you had been following me, when I was a youngster blender apprentice, you probably know that at some point I was trying to make a short animation titled “Resilience Satelle”. Well… I still am 🙂

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Momento Renzo on Kindle

Hello friends!
Another milestone was achieved!

I finally got Edition Number 2 of Momento Renzo released on Kindle.
Momento Renzo is my action-adventure fiction story originally written in 2006, later raw released in 2013 (a very very rough version, really not worthy of a release), and now polished to perfection on this new second edition only available on Kindle.

Momento Renzo is intended to be an animation action-adventure movie and the release of this book is pretty much an attempt to get some financing to at least place the gears running.

The Digitial edition is already up and can be bought immediately.
Soft-cover and Hard-cover versions will also be available in the future!

If you don’t have a kindle don’t worry because you can as comfortably read it on the cell phones apps:

Apple | Android

For the moment only available in Portuguese.
Until the next adventure!

My Submarine Ride

See it complete at:

Hello friends!

These last 2.5 months I had the great pleasure to have worked, for the first time, on the post-production of an actual Hollywood Movie, Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood.

All thanks to, a production company in Amsterdam that develops and produces feature films, documentaries, animation and transmedia.

From my point of view I’ve been giving a hand on their Layout department, tackling awesome challenges, and making new friends!

I was mostly responsible for setting up several technicalities (determining the position of the virtual camera, considering a shot’s framing, composition, camera angle, camera path and movement, the rough lighting of each scene, etc), intended to preview the final look of a shot and ensure that all the future departments had a good work basis, to bring the final vision to life while maintaining visual and emotional consistency through all the scenes.

It was a great ride that I will remember! Thank you friends!

Until the next adventure!


Aurora Of The Dragons

Hello friends!

This started has just any other Demo reel should start. I’ve gathered a few 3D models, made for several clients (used with permission), and I was about to show them in turntables and smooth transitions… but then something went terribly wrong!!!

Not sure how this happened exactly, but I got the idea of making a .gif/.webp of the models all together in a cinematic Teaser type of scene. This probably was already a bad decision by it own, but I managed to accomplish even a worse one.

This was all animated and rendered at 14 fps, more than enough for a .gif, but then I felt that I should add sound to it, so it ended, as you can easily see, in a video…

… as such, now it’s not a Demo Reel, it’s not a GIF, and it’s not a video.

Anyway, this was all made in Blender 3D, rendered in Eevee and took 6 weeks to film.

Until next time!

The Story of My First Job

───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────

Long long time ago, before the time it self was invented (well, not that long, but I like cinematic intros and this company deserves no less) I was spending all my days playing with Blender, then, one day, Aeon Virtual, the pioneers of high quality software for interactive real estate presentations , has born and I started working with Blender 🙂

Modelled and textured the building on the preview image (visible at 2:17)

Yup, they were my very first paid job! Back then pretty much no one was working like them. By that time most real estate presentations were exclusively video… and I remember the quality of the video.

Aeon Virtual was presenting everything in real time, with high quality, fluidly and right in front of you!

Modelled and textured a great amount of the visible graphics.

Modelled and textured about 90% of the assets in this video

I’ve been found at the forum, after replying to a job opportunity! Back then I was sharing all my work on an, eventually, very famous car of that community, the Opel GT by rogper.

Awesomely, since then, I’ve collaborated with them completing any task they need to bring to life. Ranging from main buildings, to background buildings, furniture, vehicles, scene assembly… well I ain’t lying much if I say that, by now, I’ve worked on everything, related with graphics creation, for Aeon Virtual.

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DrowElfMorwen’s Avatar Worlds

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Hello friends!

For many years I had the pleasure to collaborate with DrowElfMorwen’s to help to bring her impressive visions, mostly inspired by James Cameron “Avatar” movie, to life.

Toruk Attack
Modelled/textured/rigged Toruk and modelled/rigged the Banshee.

I’ve worked in a bit of everything. From the most famous dragons to the smallest plant. Every single object needed to have pretty much the same detail of the original ones, but I had to accomplish this without the high quality references the original artists had 🙂

Skuka :: Sagittaria
Modelled, textured and rigged the Sagittaria.

… So, many many pictures, many movie re-runs and many adjustments later, all of DEM’s ideas started to came to life. This creature, the Sagittaria, will only appear on future movies.

The Banks of the Kapsavan
Made many of the plants and animals here.

I not only worked on the animals but also on the plants. I really lost track of the number of plants I’ve created so far, but I’m positive that we are in the 3 digits range 😛

Under Surface
Modelled, textured/rigged the dolphin.

One surprising coincidence, about me and DEM, is that we have in common the love for cetaceans. In between the Avatar world I also had the great pleasure to model for her a couple of species of dolphins and killer whales.

There are countless scenes/renderings, that she beautifully made and that truly bring the models I made to Life, so stop wasting time here and go right to her gallery 🙂


Tentska and Kawte :: Aerial Hunter
Modelled and rigged Banshee and accessories.


Until next time! 😉


Modelling for Ancient World


Hello friends!
It’s with great pleasure that I share with you the final results of many hundreds of days of my life, working as 3D modeller, for the creators of this brand new window to the past!
I’ve modelled many objects for many of these tours, so If you fancy History, archaeology and you would enjoy to see monuments of old times, brought back digitally to all their glory, wait no longer and jump to action 🙂 You’ll enjoy, all of this was made with Love!

Until next time! 😉


Torres da Concertina | Playing Concertina on Top of a Moving Train!!!

Premiered on the 21st of November 2020

… now that’s a pretty descriptive title! 🙂

Hello friends!

Me and my wife Rute Perdiz had the pleasure to collaborate with the wonder boy of the concertina “Torres da Concertina” a.k.a Pedro Torres on his most recent video “Comboio da Beira Baixa”.

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Client Spotlight | Cosmix Limited – Augmented reality App

Hello friends! Hope you guys are having great times! 🙂

It’s rare I have the opportunity to showcase work I do on a daily basis for clients. NDAs, politics, work ethics and many other factors usually require that everything I make must remain confidential. But this isn’t one of those scenarios!

This work was a collaboration between myself and Cosmix Limited. It was a software development for a science museum in England with the purpose of providing visitors with an Augmented Reality personal tour guide.

I was responsible for the character modeling, texturing and body animations; all made in Blender. I also devised the optimal way to match what we had in Blender to what we were seeing in Unity game engine.

Cosmix Limited was responsible for all the Unity game engine work, animation references, facial animations and voice acting.

Hope someday I can show you a bit more of my hidden works.


Steampunk Shodown – Is Ezine Cover

Hello friends!

On May 12, 2017 one of my 2D paints was cover of the Ezine Steampunk. Kind of old news, but still news that worth to keep track of 🙂 Inside there is also a complete interview, were I answer some of the editor questions, featuring some pictures of my workplace and the other paintings I made in the past.

Here is the original painting:

Best regards