Hi! This is Juna Margarida de Oliveira… Yeah she does have a big name 🙂

Public Domain MarkEste trabalho (Juna, de Rogério Perdiz), identificado por Rogério Perdiz, está livre de restrições conhecidas devidas ao direito de autor e aos direitos conexos.

She was originally created to be (and still is) the Opel GT driver, but GT is taking allot time to make and because I want to make it good… it will take a wile.

So, instead of having Juna collecting dust in the hard drive, and because she may, somehow, help someone. Here she is, now and as long it last in all the glory of a Public Domain license.

The thing that would make me most happy would be someone actually using her on a short movie.


Juna.blend (without textures)  (7.7Mb)

Juna.blend (240MB)  PART1 | PART2 | PART3

You’ll need 7zip to extract the files and Blender to run them.


I'm an Independent filmmaker and freelance generalist/animator 3D. I work with computers, driven by Free/Libre Open Source Software, creating virtual objects and living worlds.

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33 comments on “Juna
  1. MacGuy says:

    Could you possibly upload the file in a format whose decompressing program works on platforms other than windows? What’s wrong with a plain old zip file?

    • rogper says:

      Hi! 7-zip works in all platforms, I’m using (Linux) Ubuntu 9.04 🙂
      The reason is the great compression rate, from 7.7Mb to 40Mb and the hosting server only deal with 25Mb by file 😦
      You can install 7-zip in Ubuntu by the Synaptic packages and in the 7-zip site theres versions for MAC also.
      Sorry the trouble!

      • MacGuy says:

        Sorry, my bad. When I saw the windows programs on the main page, I just figured that was all there was (why have programs for one platform on the page and not the others?).

        I got eZ 7z, and it worked. Sorry for the indignation.
        — MacGuy

      • MacGuy says:

        BTW, many thanks for this very nice model!

  2. Akta says:

    great rogper! if you need a place where you want to put the model just drop me a message and I’d be happy to host it for free on my server 😉

    • rogper says:

      Hi! Tanks! Yeah, that would be very nice and I Thank you very much if you’re able to do it so 😉
      After you upload the model just send me the links that I’ll Update the post then.
      Thank you very much once again, this it will be great for Box bandwidth 😉

  3. petterL says:

    I cant download any of the files. Get the message at BOX that “this user is out of bandwitdh”

  4. skarmiglione says:

    Publish it on http://opengameart.org a great catalog for open art…and i believe this can be there….o better i say should.

    • rogper says:

      Thanks! I’ll take a look 😉

      • Bart K. says:

        Greets. 🙂

        Just a heads up — I noticed that you’ve licensed this work with a noncommercial restriction. Due to some compatibility issues between NC licenses and the GPL, we can’t accept material with an NC license restriction.

        Generally, CC-BY-SA 3.0 is a pretty safe license to use instead, as the sharealike requirement tends to deter any commercial exploitation (it’s hard to sell something if you’re also required to give it away).

        Anyway, I like your art, and I’d love to see you post it on OGA if you don’t mind our licensing requirements. 🙂


  5. Acro says:

    Hi rogper, cool model! It reminded me of your Orion style even before I saw your name on it (bnation). Thanks for making it available, I think I will use it as a learning tool and maybe rig it.
    It’s interesting that you used particle hair for the eyebrows, I have had a *lot* of pain trying to make that work! I was also surprised at how finely detailed the poly-hair is. Also good timing to compare this to the Durian model test earlier this week. Thanks again!

    • rogper says:

      Hi Acro!
      Thanks! I’m becoming predictable 😀
      The eyebrows were in did very very difficult to do with particles, I had to restart allot of times and even so they sure could be better 🙂
      The Poly-hair also was a big pain… but it works i think 🙂 It has a shading problem that I wasn’t able to fix… I wanted Tangent shading on it, but blender seams to only allow vertical tangent shading and for hair we need horizontal :/ … I couldn’t figure it out.
      LOL I actually released it earlier, it’s on the comments on Nathan’s post about rigging.
      Thanks for the positive critic 😉

  6. Jonathan says:

    Legal você ter disponibilizado o modelo, vou dar uma olhada. Desculpe por escrever em português, meu inglês não é grandes coisas.

  7. adrix89 says:

    I would recommend torrent

  8. migero says:

    wow rogper nice model there 😉

  9. Sir Pent says:

    Very Cool Model!

    Sir Pent
    drummer of Lizards From Afar

  10. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  11. Greg says:

    Oww maan! The model is great! But I have problems with textures… Every time I’m trying to extract it, some messages about errors appears and I can’t do a thing…

    • rogper says:

      Try to Download from the Temporary Sendspace link, it only has one file, so it’s less probable that will give errors.

  12. maxlender says:


    hi i’m 25 years old. and i am a noob blender user.
    not to late or a little bit late for my age 😆

    do you have tutorial how to modeling a manga eyes like HATSUNE MIKU or MAID SAN?


  13. rogper says:

    It’s never late to learn something 😉 I took a peek and your blender works are already good.

    Sorry, I haven’t seen a specific tutorial for that. What I usually do is watch carefully the original files, try to understand how it’s made and replicate it the best way possible.
    The important is keep trying, eventually you’ll find a method that works for you.

    Good Luck!

  14. Zach says:

    When I got this opened up in Blender I wasn’t able to export it as an FBX. It threw a bunch of errors. Any idea why?

    • rogper says:

      XD I would like to help you, but Juna was made on a pre-2.5 blender, long time ago, I’m evem surprised that opens on blender 2.5 🙂 Hope you can solve the problem

  15. Ghost Stalker says:

    nice model needs a nice car to drive though!

  16. rogper says:

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to announce that my “Juna” free model of a girl is now and will be forever released under a Public Domain License. I’ve abandoned the previous creative commons license that was way too much restrictive. Also, because now there shouldn’t be any more bandwidth problems, I’ve cleaned the post from all the links (most of them were broken anyway). So there you have it, enjoy and take good care of her 🙂

  17. Opel GT says:

    Good Bye Juna…….

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    a lot of the same topics as yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from each other.

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I'm an Independent filmmaker and freelance generalist/animator 3D. I work with computers, driven by Free/Libre Open Source Software, creating virtual objects and living worlds.

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