Opel GT released under CC BY

kotakfilem review of Opel GT


Directly from the 4 years old WIP topic at blenderartists.org, Opel GT is now available to download under a CC BY License



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Tulipa | Vida

“Tulipa” are a new band from Porto, Portugal.

I’ve been invited to give a try on making a video clip for their introduction song titled “Vida”, which means “Life”.

At the moment I was busy with freelance work, but by working on it one hour at the end of the day I eventually was able to deliver something that was mutual agreed to be OK to go… 🙂 and yes fellow blender head, it was of course fully made with blender and rendered with GLSL viewport preview on texture mode (with compositing work afterwards).

My idea was to have text appearing on a school board that is being continuously erased.  When I was thinking about a concept for the video-clip I’ve remembered of my Orion Tear and as previously I though about how life sometimes seems to be nothing more them a continued process of creation and destruction of the same things, what is know as renewal.

Orion Tear was mostly badly miss understood, so I was a bit reluctant to bring the same principle back for this , but because my resources were and still are, at this moment, very very limited I decided to go for it. Hope you enjoy it! Best Regards,

-Rogério Perdiz-

Visit Os Tulipa at:

Facebook | Myspace

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Blender Asteroids :D


I’ve made a blender game engine version of the classic game from Atari “Asteroids”.

It’s a working/playable game, with most of the features people consider that defines a game and entirely made using the logic bricks.

It’s public domain.

You can download the .blend and multi-platform runtimes (mac version doesn’t display the score, sorry!) at


And play it online on


and also on Blender Asteroids page

…were is now a polished version by blenderartists.org member AD-Edge that contains the original momentum/drifting + wrap around features 😀 fells just like the real thing!

Ho! Blender Asteroids works great on my Fictional Console L.O.C. 🙂

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Opel GT by rogper on GLSL

Hey, this is my CGi replica of the now discontinued 2006 version of the Opel GT.

It’s still a work in progress but I thought you would like to see an Blender GLSL test render I’ve made recently.

You can read more about the Opel GT development on the Blenderartists.org WIP thread

Opel GT model was released later on under a creative commons license

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Resilience Satelle crowdfunding campaign is Up


Immediately after the Resilience Satelle Teaser went on-line, we lunched also a worldwide crowd-funding campaign on indiegogo.

If the campaign is successful we will work exclusively on the Resilience Satelle completion for the next 10 month.

The campaign can be found here: http://igg.me/p/29322?a=152922 and will run for 1 month.

Best Regards


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Resilience Satelle | Teaser – release date


I’ve the pleasure and excitement to announce that in the day 21 June of 2012 (next Thursday) the Resilience Satelle Teaser will be finally unveiled.

Please head to the Resilience Satelle website Gallery and keep an eye on the countdown timer.

Hope you enjoy and, if you do enjoy it, fell free to let us know. Remember doe, we probably are very far away from you and get easily distracted, so speak Loud. 🙂

Best regards

-Rogério Perdiz-



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All of us want to make Resilience Satelle

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LOC – linux open console

I’m going to make a new console

Read more ›

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Ultimate Stuntman 02

Hey, it’s been a wile that I’m trying to make a decent stuntman 02 piece… this time at least I’m pleased with the results 🙂

Perhaps one day I’ll make it good…

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Momento Renzo – L.I.N. concept

Hey, wile waiting for “Resilience Satelle” trailer sound works, I’ve made a conceptual drawing of character LIN from my feature lenght story “Momento Renzo“.

It was sketched and shaded on Mypaint, painted and composited on Gimp and color corrected on Blender. Comments are always very appreciated 🙂

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