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Illumina – BGE HQ Girl Free Model

I’ve made a HQ model of a girl, intended for the blender game engine and it’s now available on blendswap.

Her name is Illumina Pureheart and was made according the high standard specifications of the AAA game industry.

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Blender Asteroids :D

Hey, I’ve made a blender game engine version of the classic game from Atari “Asteroids”. It’s a working/playable game, with most of the features people consider that defines a game and entirely made using the logic bricks. It’s public domain.

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Ultimate Stuntman 02

Hey, it’s been a wile that I’m trying to make a decent stuntman 02 piece… this time at least I’m pleased with the results 🙂 Perhaps one day I’ll make it good…

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Stuntman 02 Two

Yes! He is back! Two times more epic in two times more resolution and with a smile. Stuntman 02 Two. This Episode was brought to you by “Resilience Satelle the graphic poem” rendering times and directly from blender game engine.

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