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The Time Sheriff

Maximo is the man that prevents life to collapse by jumping trough space and time to capture bad guys.

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Ezine – Fantasia

I’ve made two illustrations for an Online magazine titled “Ezine Fantasia (fantasy)”. This was painted using just open source software such as Mypaint, Kryta, Gimp and Blender. I’m always open to critics so if you feel a need to highlight

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Space Shooter

Hey, I felt some nostalgia of the old time arcade classics (the good games that is) so I gave a shot on designing my own space shooter. Mostly done using Kryta but also with some help of Mypaint and Gimp.

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Momento Renzo – L.I.N. concept

Hey, wile waiting for “Resilience Satelle” trailer sound works, I’ve made a conceptual drawing of character LIN from my feature lenght story “Momento Renzo“. It was sketched and shaded on Mypaint, painted and composited on Gimp and color corrected on

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Red in Yellow

A small compositing exercise that I made today. It was intended to study how much things you need to add on an image to make it look and feel right. Too less just doesn’t seem to cut it and too

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Project Topsecret

This is late news for me but it may still feel fresh to you 🙂 There’s a open source community developed video-game going on, it’s from Acclaim and is know as Project Topsecret During first half of 2008 I’ve modeled

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